#Hashtags To Watch For

Hey everyone! Over the coming months, you will notice some important hashtags that we will be using on our different social media channels (Facebook, Twitter. Instagram). Here is a quick guide:

#BrewingBetter - this is our primary tag. It relates to our general philosophy of life and work. In coming months, you will also get to know about our unfolding direct source coffee buying through this tag.

#Endiroontheroad - As we travel around the country and world, we like to tell you about the journeys. Most commonly, we use this tag when we visit other coffee shops and review them on Instagram.

#GirlArise - we love this tag and picked it up from our friend Wilbur Sargunaraj. We use this tag to highlight the ongoing struggles and victories of women in the world.

#LetsmeetatEndiro - this tag is our newest and will be used to encourage people to use our shops as “third space” in which they can work, meet friends, plan and dream.

So, keep a sharp eye out and feel free to take up any of these tags for your own projects.

Endiro Coffee