Improving the quality of our coffee


Just over a year ago, we began working alongside women and some men farmers in Bukalasi to improve the quality of the coffee they had been producing and to increase the value that they were receiving for their families and community through the sale of coffee.  We have reported much about this. 

Well, we are now overjoyed to report that the Bukalasi women have now gone to the district of Manafwa to train women their in how to do what they have been doing in terms of coffee production and leadership development. 15 new teams have formed in Manafwa and we expect to bring you single-origin Ugandan Manafwa coffee later this year. The ladies of Manafwa will join the Bukalasi women as the highest paid (per kilo parchment) coffee farmers in the country. We are so honored to be welcomed into the Manafwa community.  

Thank you for continuing to support the Endiro vision. With enough coffee, we will certainly change the world!