Stereotypes Harm Dignity - “Who Wants to be a Volunteer?”

Okay, so normally, we use this blog to post stuff from Endiro’s Partners and Projects. But from time to time, we see something that is just too good not to post, and this video parody from the brilliant folks at @AfricaforNorway is just too close to our hearts to pass up.  

At Endiro, our heart is to come together with all kinds of people to “brew a better world”, but there is such a thing as helping that hurts.  Africans, Asians, Europeans, Latin Americans, North Americans or whoever – we all are people of dignity and intrinsic value made in the image of God.  Arriving at better solutions to global problems is not a matter of getting the “haves” to give more to the “have-nots”.  It is about peoples of all backgrounds coming to the table together as equals and discovering the unique wealth that each one brings.  

So, watch this video. Have a laugh at yourself. And then start to reflect on how we can truly brew a better world – TOGETHER!